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Friday, April 11, 1952Pan American World AirwaysDouglas DC-4north of San Juan, Puerto Rico ,,
Tuesday, April 29, 1952Pan American World AirwaysBoeing 377 Stratocruiser Carolina, Brazil ,,
Thursday, April 16, 1953Aigle AzurDouglas DC-3Hanoi, Vietnam,,
Sunday, January 10, 1954British Overseas Airwaysde Havilland DH-106 CometElba, Italy,,
Thursday, April 1, 1954Trans World AirlinesMartin 4-0-4Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA,,
Thursday, April 8, 1954British Overseas Airwaysde Havilland DH-106 CometStromboli, Italy,,
Friday, April 23, 1954Aerolineas ArgentinasDouglas DC-3Sierra del Vilgo, Argentina,,
Sunday, February 13, 1955SabenaDouglas DC-6Rome, Italy,,
Thursday, May 24, 1956AviatecaDouglas DC-3Guatemala City, Guatemela,,
Thursday, January 31, 1957Douglas CorporationDouglas DC-7Sunland, California, USA,,

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