Welcome to my site...It may look and sound like a personal website but it isn't.

The main purpose of this website is to share SAFETY information and knowledge especially those pertaining to Aviation Safety.

Accident Prevention and Hazard & Risk Identification & Analysis are proactive measurements and their implantation in Safety Management System is one of the objectives of this website.

Inspections, Audits and Quality Assurance are also addressed here -at least I hope so-as tools for better and safe operations.

Occupational Safety and Health is a master component of any safety system and all measures should be taken to assure the welfare of all human involved in the aviation operations.

Accidents and incidents investigation in one of reactive tools of improving our safety culture

All documents, files and presentations in this website are the productions of professionals who have been committed to safety...we praise and appreciate their work and publishing their work here is  just one way of appreciation.