Our Database contains 12 Accidents that resulted in 517  Fatalities during this year

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DateAirlineAircraft TypeLocationMore Information
Wednesday, January 26, 1972JAT Yugoslav AirlinesMcDonnell Douglas DC-9Hermsdorf, Czechoslovakia,,
Friday, May 5, 1972AlitaliaMcDonnell Douglas DC-8Sicily, Italy,,
Monday, May 29, 1972AmazonenseLockheed L-049Cruzeiro do Sul Acre, Brazil,,
Tuesday, May 30, 1972Delta Air LinesMcDonnell Douglas DC-9Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, USA,,
Wednesday, June 14, 1972Japan Air LinesMcDonnell Douglas DC-8New Delhi, India,,
Thursday, June 15, 1972Cathay Pacific AirwaysConvair CVPleiku, Vietnam,,
Thursday, June 29, 1972North Central AirlinesConvair CVAppleton, Wisconsin, USA,,
Wednesday, July 5, 1972Pacific Southwest Boeing 737-200San Francisco, CA, USA,,
Saturday, July 29, 1972AviancaDouglas DC-3Villavicencio, Colombia,,
Tuesday, November 28, 1972Japan Air LinesMcDonnell Douglas DC-8Moscow, Russia ,,

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